Welcome To My Blog!

Hello everyone! I’m Krystal, just your average college student aspiring to be more like Christ. I’m from California, but I am studying math education in Illinois. I love reading, biking, hiking, and math (as weird as it sounds, it’s true). This is my blog that I’ve created to hold myself accountable to my challenge of reading the bible in one year and to inspire others to take on the challenge!

Whether you’ve never heard about Jesus, are a new believer, or a bible expert, please feel free to comment or email me with any questions or advice. I will never judge you for anything, as we all sin and all sin is equally displeasing to God, so do not be afraid to tell me of what is on your heart. If you need someone to talk to (about anything!) just email me and I promise to be a friend to you.

Another reason that I am starting this blog is to raise money for a mission trip to Hungary this summer 2016! Thank you for reading and sharing with your friends; it’s a big help!

Other ways you can support me:

  1. Share this blog with your friends
  2. Find me on Mercari: use the code USYBAT
  3. Donate money via Paypal: kreyes@millikin.edu
  4. Pray for me

I hope you enjoy my blog! Thank you for all of your support.

Image taken @PaneraBread
Image taken @PaneraBread